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How To Apply

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Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management features an admission process designed to be quick and easy. You can submit your materials online, and our student recruitment team will offer guidance and support along the way.

We offer three program intakes per year, and start dates may be subject to change, so please refer to key dates provided by your Online Admissions Team.

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Application Process

  1. To get started with the admissions process, visit our online application portal.

  2. Review the Tel Aviv Online MBA entry criteria listed on our detailed program admissions page. You can also contact our recruitment team at +972 3763 0440 or email us.

  3. Follow the detailed step-by-step process in the online application portal.

    • Submit your information and whether you are choosing a pathway or the general MBA option.
    • Add additional details, followed by your education history, professional experience and test scores.
    • Submit official transcripts. You will need official transcripts from all universities you’ve previously attended. In most cases, our team can assist in requesting them.
  4. Have your Tel Aviv Online MBA application reviewed by a member of our online student recruitment team:

    Once you are ready to apply, it’s time to notify your dedicated Student Recruitment Coordinator for review. They will check through your documents in the online application portal and compare them against the entry criteria. Your Coordinator is there to provide guidance, advice and honest feedback throughout your application process, so you are free to keep in regular contact with them until your start date.
  5. Submit your application:

    After you submit your application, the University will review every aspect in detail. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and applicants are notified of their admissions status within one to two weeks. For complete application details, please visit our online MBA page.

00:00: [Music]

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00:07: Welcomes to always hectic. Always in a rush.

00:11: Always in between.

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00:21: the global power of over-using duct tape.

00:25: Welcome to shortcuts, to hustle

00:29: to chutzpah,  

00:33: And hell yeah –

00:35: Welcome to balagan.

00:39: To a place where things aren’t done by the book,

00:42: and manuals are nothing more than a recommendation.

00:44: Welcome to a city where boxes are unnecessary,

00:49: since everyone thinks outside of them.

00:53: So, welcome

00:55: Welcome to ‘let’s do something different’,

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01:04: – to ‘Eureka!’

01:07: Welcome to the city… No, not the city –

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01:15: Ideas that create new thrilling horizons.

01:17: Welcome to Tel Aviv University’s change-makers club.

01:23: And thank you for being a spark that lights our fire,

01:25: that feeds those brand-new ideas that are changing our world.

01:32: Welcome to pursuing the unknown.

01:37: Be part of the next big idea.

01:42: Welcome to Tel Aviv University.

01:44: [Music]

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